NFA 2014 in Ottawa

The NFA 2014 Conference will be held in Ottawa, Ontario, from September 12-14, 2014. This will be the first conference to be organized by the NFA as an incorporated entity.

The Program Chair is Gordon Sick.

The NFA Annual General Meeting will take place at the Conference Luncheon on Saturday September 13.

NFA 2015 in Lake Louise

The NFA 2015 Conference venue will be Chateau Lake Louise in Banff National Park, Alberta, from September 18-20, 2015.

The NFA Board has recommended that Vikas Mehrotra be the Program Chair.

Other Conferences

As a service to our community, we are providing a page of links to other academic finance conferences in Canada.

NFA Mandate

The mandate of the NFA is to provide high-quality academic finance conferences for Canadians and their friends and colleagues from abroad. We are pursuing three initiatives to move us in this direction for NFA 2014.

Plenary Lecture

Other disciplines, such as Astronomy, have replaced the Keynote luncheon or dinner speech with an hour-long plenary lecture by a distinguished academic. The plenary lecture is a survey of a discipline that focuses on the key ideas from first principles to current research, and doesn't get sidelined in the details. It will assist academics who don't work in that discipline to understand enough about the field to follow the current research when it is presented at a conference or at their own school's seminars. For academics in the field, it will give them a chance to see and debate the perspective of a noted researcher in the field. We are pleased to have Anil Shivdasani helping us define how well this can work with our First NFA Plenary Lecture.

PhD Student Sessions

Different NFAs have taken the PhD student sessions in different directions. Sometimes they are a miniature keynote or plenary lecture, where the PhD students observe passively. For 2014, we will have the students presenting their research for serious and constructive critique. They can also get this from their own supervisory committee, but this NFA session will take them out of that comfort zone and expose them to constructive critique from outside parties. We are fortunate to have Nadia Massoud and Wayne Ferson working with us on this project.

Broader Participation

Previous NFAs have often selected papers, formed sessions and then asked authors of the selected papers to be Session Chairs and Discussants for the other papers in the sessions. Thus, many people were required to wear two hats and other well-qualified people were not given the chance to participate. For NFA 2014, the Program Chair, Gordon Sick, will take a variety of steps to minimize the chance of anyone wearing more than one hat on the program.

We are working to get more people involved with the NFA.

Getting Involved with the NFA


To help preserve the quality and share the work, we are always looking for good reviewers. If you would like to become an NFA reviewer, please send an email to the Program Chair indicating your interests, with a copy of your CV or a link to your personal web page. We are automatically carrying forward our list of reviewers from last year.

We find that NFA Reviewers are often good Discussants and Session Chairs.

Five-year Memberships

We sell One-year, Three-year and Five-year NFA memberships. The latter have an annual cost that is twice the annual cost of the first two. The Five-year NFA memberships represent an understanding of the value of the NFA by the member. Accordingly, we regard the Five-year members as fertile ground when we look for Session Chairs and Discussants. Our Membership page is here.

Sponsors and Exhibitors

Several universities have sponsored the NFA with $5000 donations because they understand the value that the NFA provides to the profession. For more information, see our Sponsors page. University Gold Sponsors have provided capital to the NFA.

We also invite Annual Sponsors to assist us in underwriting the cost of a meal, or the NFA Conference in general. We acknowledge these sponsorships on our website, in our program, and at the event they sponsor.

We have space for Exhibitors to meet our conference participants and to advertise their products and activities.

For more information on Annual Sponsorships and Exhibition, please contact Mark Kamstra or Ron Giammarino.

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